Introducing Kinderkick to Wilston Grange.

Kinderkick is run like Auskick but aimed at children between 2.5 to 4 yr olds.

Registration is through the AFLQ website

Scroll down and click on the large red “Register Here” button and follow the prompts.

Term 1 only – Saturday mornings from 8am, starting on 10th Feb.  Running for 6 weeks.


Auskick is an open age program but generally for children between 5 and 9 year olds.  Highly recommended to anyone new to footy.

Auskick is a fantastic program to learn all about footy skill by skill and you also get to attend any Afterschool program for free for the rest of the year!! Plus a footy, back pack and other great offers and deals.  Please sign up by searching for either post code 4053 or the club name Wilston Grange.

Term 1 - Saturday mornings from 8am, starting on 10th Feb.  Running for 7 weeks.

You register and pay through the nabAuskick website 

Click here --  

All parents must pay through the website to get their pack delivered and be eligible for the Lion’s tickets (if registration is completed by 28th Feb).

NB You cannot use the GetStarted voucher for Auskick.

Roy’s Footy

The previous U6 program is now linked to Auskick rather than as the first year of Junior footy and is now called Roy’s Junior Footy.

All participates must register for Auskick as well as Roy’s Footy.  Sign up is through the nabAuskick website and you make sure you have selected both Auskick and Roy’s, making the total fee of $125.

If you have completed your registration for Auskick and now wish to continue into our Roy’s program, please use this link here --

During Term 1, all participate will complete the Auskick program.  You receive a pack and Lions tickets (if you complete your registration by 28th Feb.)  No footy boots are required, just sneakers and comfortable clothing for running around. Saturday mornings at 8am, last session onSaturday, 24th March.

When Term 2 starts, so will the Roy's Footy program, and the players will get to wear the Gorilla’s guernsey and have a mini competition.  This is an additional 15 weeks of footy!! 

There is no mid-week training as it’s just a fun way to get started with smaller numbers and on a smaller sized field, so the coach can work with each player to develop their knowledge and skills of the game.

You can only use your GetStarted voucher for this part of the fee but it’s best to try and use it for something else if possible as Roy’s is only $50.

Have fun with your footy in 2018!

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