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Donations of over $300 to Gorillas facilities fund to be recognised with plaque on "Wall of Honor"!
All donations by individuals and businesses over $2 are fully tax deductible due to our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.

Click this blue button to donate! (you can select "other" for amount and enter 300 if that is what you want to donate)

With our club undergoing major transformative works over the past few years to improve the playing arena, lighting, social club, change rooms and administration facilities (and more!), many people will wonder if it is even the same place where in 1964 the opening of our then brand new clubhouse was broadcast live on 4KQ radio, with special guest Ron Barrassi!

Well there is still so much to do for the current committees to achieve the goal of having the best possible environment for our Gorilla family to enjoy, and as a result the Gorillas have established a donation platform via the Australian Sports Foundation to help us to raise the money we need to complete the job.

All donations (company or individual) are tax deductible and in order to thank and recognise the generosity of our Gorilla community, the first 150 donations of $300 or more will be given the opportunity to have a plaque installed on a new "Wall of Honor" that will be a part of the new main entrance to our renovated facilities (at no cost to donor)

Imagine having your name, a family name, or the name of a current or past Gorilla player or supporter, embedded as a part of Gorilla history and remembered forever!

Simply make a donation of $300 or more and an organiser will be in touch with you to ask if you would like a plaque, and in what name/s it should be. There are only 150 plaques available so please hurry to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to make a donation in someone's name to give them a unique and very special surprise or to pay tribute to a Gorilla great (or family) from the past, then a plaque in their name can be placed on the "Wall of Honor".

Note 1: Complete the donation online using your own details and after you have donated, a club person will be in touch to ask about the specifics (what name will go on the plaque, etc..).

Note 2: To donate $300 select the "Other " amount button on the donation page!

Inside the Gorillas Den
The History Book of the Wilston Grange Gorillas

Since 1945 the Wilston Grange Football Club has been part of the inner north Brisbane sporting community. From Emerson to Hickey Parks it has ridden great peaks of premierships, survived tough times and evaded a forced closure in the 1990s.

The 347 pages of this book tell a 70 year tale of the club’s checkered existence, it salutes the champions and all those individuals who persevered under the “nil desperandum” code. 

Buy your copy online below (via PayPal secure purchasing) and you can pick it up at the club at no extra charge or it will be delivered to you (in Australia) via Express Post for an additional $20 postage fee.

$75 (including merchant fees and GST) will secure you this wonderful pictorial history of the club to keep forever.

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